01099 – Schnelle Brille


Song: Schnelle Brille

Artist: 01099

Album: Altbau (2022)

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Schnelle Brille is German for “Fast Glasses,” a catchy hiphop song about having a good time with your friends in the Dad glasses that are taking GenZ fashion by storm. 

The four rap crew members know each other from their childhood, because they all grew up in the Dresden Neustadt (zip code 01099 – hence the name of the group).

In autumn of 2019, they released their debut EP Skyr. The title is based on the Icelandic curd of the same name, and the accompanying song can be understood as both, an ode to curd and a parody of current hip-hop culture.  According to the band themselves, the group understood their music at the time more as a parody and fun project.

Learn more about 01099 and the album Altbau in Episode #40 of the podcast!

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