What is Song Per Day?

Song Per Day is a blog & podcast on a mission to introduce people to new music from any genre.

Photo of Ben and Julia, hosts of the Song Per Day Podcast

Song Per Day was originally started in 2020 by Ben during the first Covid lockdown. The idea was simple: to share one song recommendation every day, from any genre. One song is not a big committment, and we truly believe one song can change your day.


Skip to 2022, and Julia joins the team to help start the Song Per Day Podcast. Now, in addition to the daily song recommendations, Julia and Ben release one podcast episode every week, sharing song recs with insights and fun banter along the way. (Julia has also become one of the main song posters on the website!)

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A weekly podcast where Ben & Julia recommend songs from any genre. This is the newest and most fun way to discover new music!

The Lumineers - BRIGHTSIDE album cover


The original SPD. One daily song recommendation posted on the website and sent out as an email newsletter. Any genre, any time period!


Instagram is our hub where we post everything! We share every daily song rec, podcast clips, and any other fun stuff going on.


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