Agnes Obel – Broken Sleep

Agnes Obel - Myopia album cover

Song: Broken Sleep

Artist: Agnes Obel

Album: Myopia (2020)

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**This song was recommended to us by SPD listener Courtney, who discovered this song in the tv show Dark. She described it as “ominous in the best way.” Thank you for the suggestion!**

Agnes Obel is a Danish singer, songwriter, and musician based in Berlin. She dropped out of school at 17 to pursue her love of music and is currently working on depression treatment pieces for a clinic in Denmark. She said in an interview: “There’s also the element that we don’t really understand our minds, but we also don’t understand music and why music has such a strong effect on us.” Broken Sleep is from her fourth album, Myopia, and has a beautiful and ethereal sound. We recommend listening to this album alone for best reflection!

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