Charlie Rich – The Most Beautiful Girl

Behind Closed Doors album cover

Song: The Most Beautiful Girl

Artist: Charlie Rich

Album: Behind Closed Doors (1972)

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My roommate and I started a new tradition: every Friday, we go to the local record shop and buy albums from the “3 for $15” section. In most cases, I’m not familiar with the music or artists on those albums, but we select some that seem interesting, then ask the store owner to verify we’re making an okay decision. This past Friday, I picked up an album called “16 Golden Hits- Non-stop Dancing Party.” When I asked the store owner about it, he grabbed it from my hand, threw it on the record player, skipped to song #8, and said “this is one of my favorite songs ever.” This is the song he played. I bought the album have been listening to it on repeat.

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