Damian Marley – Road To Zion

Welcome to Jamrock album cover by Damian Marley

Song: Road To Zion

Artist: Damian Marley, Nas

Album: Welcome to Jamrock (2005)

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I was walking along the beach today when someone rollerbladed past me with music blasting that reminded of this song, which I haven’t listened to in years. Thank you to that blader for the inspiration (if you ever get inspired by a song and want to share it with me, just let me know 😃).


Damian Marley is Bob Marley’s youngest son. He began performing at the age of 13. This song was made with famous rapper Nas, and it ended up inspiring them to make a full-length album together, called Distant Relatives released in 2010. This song includes a sample from “Russian Lullaby” by Ella Fitzgerald.

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