David Shaw – Shaken

David Shaw - Shaken album cover

Song: Shaken

Artist: David Shaw (2020)

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Great song from David Shaw, the lead singer from the Revivalists. I just heard it for the first time a few minutes and am already singing along with it. This song (and one other, called “Promised Land”) are the first songs David has released solo without the band. Speaking about why he released solo music, and particularly this song, he said:


“…the band, before this whole pandemic thing started, we were going to do this tour and then we were going to kind of take a bit of a break, kind of cool down a little bit. We’ve been hitting the road for the latter part of twelve years. Then I kind of realized that “Shaken” was an extremely personal song, as you can see from the video. So I just thought it’s very timely and I just needed to do this to kind of grow in a certain way that a band culture/atmosphere doesn’t necessarily foster.”

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