Eamon – F**k It (I don’t want you back)

Album cover of Eamon's album titled "F**k it (I don't want you back)

Song: F**k It (I don’t want you back) [*Explicit song*]

Artist: Eamon

Album: I don’t want you back (2004)

Notice: this song is explicit.

If you’re not familiar, Eamon would more or less be what we call a “one-hit-wonder.” But his one hit happens to be great. This song is him telling his cheating ex-girlfriend to f**k off. Great lyrics. Recording artist, Frankee, made a song in response, titled “F U Right Back.” Check that out here. Although the songs were a great back-and-forth, Eamon claims to have had no personal relationship with Frankee prior to the songs.

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