Eni Jurišić & Matija Cvek – Trebaš Li Me

Song: Trebaš Li Me

Artist:  Eni Jurišić & Matija Cvek (2022)

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Dear Song Per Day followers,

I apologize for the lack of posts recently. Life has become way busier than when I initially started SPD (the first covid lockdown). I will try to post as often as possible and keep to the idea of trying to share all types of music with others — one song at a time. Thank you all for being part of the community 🎸.

On that note, today’s song is a song I heard in a taxi in Croatia a couple weeks ago. I heard it on my ride to the airport as I was finishing my week-long vacation and it pumped me up. Highly recommend visiting Croatia and listening to this song!

Fun fact: Eni Jurišić, the female singer in the song, became famous when she participated in The Voice Hrvatska (the Croatian version of The Voice). Similarly, Matija Cvek, the male singer in the song, became famous when he participated in another Croatian show called A strana.

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