Gal De Paz – Hummingbird – Uncovered


Song: Hummingbird – Uncovered

Artist: Gal De Paz 

Album: Uncovered (2022)

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Gal De Paz is an exceptional singer-songwriter with a musical journey that began at the age of 10. Throughout her career, she has lent her talent to various groups such as Lucille Crew, The Paz Band, and has also pursued a successful independent path.

In the past year, she treated her fans to a special release—a live album featuring stunning “uncovered” renditions of her most beloved songs.

One of our personal favorites is “Hummingbird.” This rendition brings out the song’s softer and more emotionally resonant qualities, in contrast to the original rock version.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Gal to delve into the details of her latest album and gain insights into both her musical journey and personal life. Be sure to tune in to the interview, which will be available this weekend on Spotify! 

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