Golsie – Millennials Circle

Golsie - Millennials Circle

Song: Millennials Circle

Artist: Golsie (2022)

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Golsie is an awesome artist from Tel Aviv. I’ve seen him perform live a couple times – he puts on a great show. This song is his first release. Definitely give it a listen and check out his Instagram here. This is what he had to say about the song:


“Me of 2019 wrote this song

Me of 2022 finds it even more relevant


This song was born out of feelings of pressure coming from society’s definition of success and me trying to push them back. Sometimes by reason and sometimes just by staying loyal to my intuition.


As time goes by, this song still gives me guidance and as it evolved from a draft to a recorded song, it also carries a collage of memories shared with dear friends – 


Thank you John Eyal for the awesome energetic drums, thank you Idan Katz for taking my mix to a whole other level and for accurate mastering and thank you Alona Nof for back vocals and the beautiful art – your touch is in this creation forever ♥️”

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