Harlan, Saved – John Wayne

Harlan, Saved - 1958

Song: John Wayne

Artist: Harlan, Saved

Album: 1958 (2022)

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Harlan, Saved is an alternative folk duo that I connected with when they commented on my post of a Good Old War song almost 2 years ago (the 26th post on SPD!). Turns out they’re friends and worked together on some of the music in this album. This story has a crazy true story behind it. Make sure to read it all:


“John Wayne is a true story of my co-writers grandparents, Virginia and John Wayne (not the real John Wayne, but they had the same name) They were married, had gotten divorced, and his grandmother had remarried someone else, and after some time had began to have an affair together because they still loved one another. After some time Virginia’s husband caught wind of it, and one night broke into Johns house and waited for him, and when John and Virginia came in, he pointed a gun at her, and John stood in front of her and wound up taking the bullet instead, and he died from it. Savannah Georgia in the 1970s, true story.”

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