Henry Jamison – I Forget Myself (feat. Darlingside)


Song: I Forget Myself (feat. Darlingside) 

Artist: Henry Jamison 

Single: I Forget Myself (2020)

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Sometimes you just want to listen to beautiful, calming folk music. And that’s exactly what this is. 

Henry Jamison is an acclaimed American singer-songwriter known for his evocative folk and indie music. Born and raised in Vermont, he developed a deep connection to nature and storytelling, which is evident in his introspective and poetic songwriting. With a distinctive voice and a penchant for crafting emotionally resonant lyrics, Jamison has gained a dedicated following.

His music often explores themes of love, identity, and the human experience, drawing listeners into his world with melodies that linger in the soul. Henry Jamison’s work established him as a prominent voice in the contemporary folk music scene.

One of his standout tracks, “I Forget Myself,” showcases Henry Jamison’s ability to blend his folk roots with introspective lyrics, creating a hauntingly beautiful and introspective ballad that explores the complexities of self-discovery and the ever-changing nature of one’s identity.

The song features the band Darlingside, a four-person indie folk band from Boston, MA.

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