Loyle Carner – You Don’t Know

Loyle Carner - You Don't Know

Song: You Don’t Know
Artist: Loyle Carner, Rebel Kleff, Kiko Bun (2019)

*Guest Post from @RideRoundnGITit*

Alex here today, I’m Ben’s roommate. This week I’ve been drowning myself in feel good music and here is one to add to your “repeat” list. I found it on the Spotify playlist called Jazz Rap. The production is perfect and the English flow adds a nice touch to it. This song was actually discovered around an hour ago and it resulted in a classic “face drop” from Ben. Now we’re off to go blast this song while roller blading around town. Have a good day people and if you’re ever feeling down, keep your head up because things will get better.

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