Lucius – Tempest (Acoustic)


Song: Tempest (Acoustic)

Artist: Lucius

Album: Nudes (2018)

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**SPD Guest Post**

Lucius is their name, stunning harmonies are their game. Fronted by singers Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig, the brooklyn-founded outfit reaches across the spectrum of familiar indie pop sounds with great effect. And while their voices flow with contrasting pitch, they come together for a lush and cohesive dynamic, matched only by their striking aesthetic on stage – they just seem fucking cool. Plus, you can never even tell who’s singing which part.

As for Tempest, the song was first released on their debut LP Wildewoman, and put their powerful harmonies front and center. The song is so clearly about a relationship and feels as rocky or as powerful as the waves of a tempest – which you feel in both the lyrics and music. However, the magic of the song is that it just always sounded like the perfect acoustic song. Something to toss on a capo and fiddle along to at home. THEN, they released an acoustic album, and I listen to that version more than the original. You can’t go wrong with either version, but it hits differently when stripped to the piece that matters most – soul-piercing vocals.

**Thanks SPD Superfan Matt for the suggestion! 

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