Milky Chance – Living in a Haze


Song: Living in a Haze

Artist: Milky Chance

Single: 2023

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This morning Spotify alerted me that there was a new release from Milky Chance! 


As you should already know, Milky Chance is a German folk-pop duo formed in 2012 by Clemens Rehbein and Philipp Dausch. The duo gained worldwide recognition with their hit song “Stolen Dance,” which topped charts in several countries. Since then, Milky Chance has continued to create music that blends folk, pop, and electronic elements.


A few days ago, Milky Chance released a new single called “Living in a Haze.” The song is a departure from their previous sound, incorporating heavier guitar riffs and a more rock-inspired energy. The lyrics are introspective, exploring the feeling of being lost and disconnected from oneself. The chorus features the lines “Living in a haze, can’t get out of my head,” a sentiment that many listeners may relate to.


“Living in a Haze” showcases Milky Chance’s growth as artists and their willingness to experiment with different styles. While the song may be different from what us fans are used to, it still captures the essence of Milky Chance’s unique sound. With this new release, Milky Chance proves that they are a band to watch, constantly evolving and pushing boundaries.

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