Mipso – Carolina Rolling By

Mipso - Carolina Rolling By

Song: Carolina Rolling By 

Artist: Mipso

Album: Book of Fools (2023)

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Last weekend a friend saw Mipso in concert and immediately texted to tell me how great they are. She saw them in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where they originally formed in 2010. 

Mipso is an American folk band comprised of Jacob Sharp, Wood Robinson, Joseph Terrell, and Libby Rodenbough. The group’s unique blend of traditional bluegrass and modern indie folk has garnered critical acclaim. With a series of successful albums, Mipso has evolved as artists, pushing the boundaries of folk music. Their music’s storytelling and musicianship have earned them a devoted following and a significant presence in contemporary folk.

Their latest album, Book of Fools, was released a few weeks ago. The band feels it is a return to their roots – as guitarist and vocalist Joseph Terrell puts it, “‘Book of Fools’ feels more relaxed, more confident, more us – like we’re wearing our favorite clothes and telling our favorite story and it feels exciting again.

‘Carolina Rolling By’ is a a slow meditative on driving – not the joyous hitting the pedal and going bolt for freedom, this is more the endless hours and miles passing by, fuelled by pills and peppered with the occasional asleep at the wheel moment. 

Thanks Helena for the recommendation! 

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