Noah Kahan – Maine


Song: Maine

Artist: Noah Kahan

Album: Cape Elizabeth (EP) (2020)

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I think this is a fitting “last song of 2023,” as it represents the type of music that Song Per Day has been listening to on repeat for the whole year. 2023 is also the year we discovered Noah Kahan. 

Noah Kahan skyrocketed to popularity in the last few years. In an era valuing unfiltered authenticity, Kahan resonates with his audience by openly sharing his mental health challenges, reflecting the current youth zeitgeist.  Born and raised in Vermont, amidst indie folk’s rising popularity in the mainstream, he emerged as the fitting artist for the prevailing cultural moment.

“Maine,” the closing track of Noah Kahan’s Cape Elizabeth EP, is a nostalgic song reflecting a lost relationship. It picks up the story told in “Glue Myself Shut” about a couple from Maine finding that their relationship isn’t working out and breaking up. The lyrics explore the feeling of “wanting to go back to that simpler time” of being together.

As Kahan mentioned in an interview, Maine was a song he worked on for multiple years, starting in 2017 and finishing it only a few weeks before it’s release.”

“Maine” was premiered in a series of instagram livestreams Kahan did while self-isolating with his family home in Vermont during the Covid-19 pandemic in spring 2020.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year! 

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