Ofir J.Rock – Introspection

Ofir J.Rock - Introspection - Stillness album cover

Song: Introspection

Artist: Ofir J.Rock

Album: Stillness (2022)

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Calling all yoga lovers! (Or anyone who wants some cool music to chill out to).


Today’s song is called “Introspection by Ofir J.Rock, an Israeli musician from Shaharut. My friend Alona designed the beautiful album cover you see, and she helped explain the story behind the music:


This hour-long instrumental album, called “Stillness,” was composed specifically for practicing yoga. Each part/song in the album (~15 minutes) is a quarter of a yoga lesson, and the music can easily be spoken over, making it a good fit for guided meditation or asana. The idea was to create music that contains silence so that the noise from wherever the listener is will become part of the work.


Fun fact: The entire album is recorded on 432Hz which is considered to be more in tune with nature and men.

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