Ottawan – Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart)

Ottawan - Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart)

Song: Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart)

Artist: Ottawan (1981)

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I was babysitting earlier this week for a 15 month old, and this is his “calming song.” I listened to it on repeat for 7 hours. While I didn’t feel very calm after that, I learned that it is a song that many listened to in their childhood.


“Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart)” is a 1981 song by Ottawan, a French pop music duo. It was the band’s second-biggest international hit single, after their 1979 hit “D.I.S.C.O.”. The song reached the Top 5 across Europe and became a number one in New Zealand. It was not released in North America until 1991 as a remix.


If you only listen to it once or twice it has a very fun vibe.

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