Palace – Live Well


Song: Live Well 

Artist: Palace
Album: So Long Forever (2016)

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Emerging from the vibrant musical landscape of London, the alternative-rock band Palace has carved a distinct niche for themselves with their soulful sound and introspective songwriting. Formed in 2012, the band consists of Leo Wyndham (vocals/guitar), Rupert Turner (guitar), Will Dorey (bass), and Matt Hodges (drums). Palace’s musical journey is a testament to their evolution and artistry, with influences ranging from folk and indie to blues and soul. Their early years were marked by intimate gigs in local venues, gradually building a dedicated fan base.

In 2016, Palace released their first full-length album titled So Long Forever. Live Well is on that album, an anthem for embracing the present, cherishing connections, and finding solace in the beauty of existence. 

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