Rosenallis – Fuego

Rosenallis - Fuego

Song: Fuego

Artist: Rosenallis

Album: Fuego (2021)

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This song is absolutely fuego! Rosenallis is made up of Kevin (Kevo) and Kevin (Clesh). I met Kevin (Kevo) last month at my first open mic performance. Cool guy, great music. This is their debut song and they are releasing more and more. Their music incorporates a “soft-rock style and a multilingual approach to lyrics [that] subtly connects the Latin, Celtic and Anglo cultures.”


Here are some words Kevo shared with me about his story:


  • came to tel aviv from London in 2017 as an engineer with the railways
  • fell in love with Israeli food in London after a couple of visits to the Palomar – so I guess the first Israeli I met was the head chef there, Yossi. Still have the cookbook from the Palomar and always trying to cook – baba Ganoush, shalshuka, bourekas
  • loved israel and stayed / still working there 5 years now
  • trying to learn Hebrew and has a lot of words and phrases at this stage!!”

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