Shay Gabso – Kama Nisiti

shay gabso

Song: כמה נסיתי Kama Nisiti (How Much I Tried)

Artist: Shay Gabso

Single: 2023

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Shay Gabso, a household name in the Israeli music scene, has been captivating audiences for the past two decades. Bursting onto the scene at the tender age of 18 through the Israeli version of American Idol, he quickly became a star and has since released five albums and a numerous singles.

Just YESTERDAY, Gabso unveiled his latest musical gem, “How Much I Tried” (כמה נסיתי), which serves as a testament to his artistic growth and ability to deeply resonate with listeners. It’s a track that demands attention from both die-hard fans and those who have yet to discover him.

In fact, we had the honor of interviewing Gabso on the Song Per Day podcast last week, delving into his music and illustrious career. You can catch Part 1 of the interview on Spotify right now, and stay tuned for the highly anticipated Part 2, set to be released this weekend. 

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