Shoval Dayani – Healing

Shoval Dayani - Healing

Song: Healing
Artist: Shoval Dayani (2023)

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Shoval Dayani, a friend of SPD, is an Israeli pop singer-songwriter who just released a new single – Healing. At the age of 24 Shoval became a lawyer, and at the age of 26 she decided to quit being a lawyer and follow her one true dream – being a full time musician.


Healing is a song about coming out of a toxic relationship. Shoval said the chorus came to her out of nowhere, like it was written in her head as if by itself. Her clear and mesmerizing voice, along with her brave and soulful music, is what makes her songs so relatable. Shoval said “The verses took over a year of writing, and rewriting. I wanted the song to be perfect, and it is indeed perfect to me. I feel like this is the best song about coming out of a toxic relationship that I could ever write.”

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