The Bench -You’ll Never Be Mine

The Bench - Revival album cover

Song: You’ll Never Be Mine
Artist: The Bench

Album: Revival (2017)

The Bench is a band from Tel Aviv, Israel. I spoke with the lead singer, Raziel Mantzur, who told me that this was the first song he wrote in English (when he was 16 years old). They officially recorded and released it 4 times because they believed in this song but each time they released it, it felt incomplete. They recently recorded it again and it’s going to be in their new album, ‘Jasmino’, in a completely different vibe. Behind the lyrics from Raziel: “I didn’t think about a girl or girls at all when I wrote this song. It was about me being shaped as a teenager who understands that he can’t always get what he wants and it’s okay, life goes on.”

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