TV On The Radio – Happy Idiot


Song: Happy Idiot 

Artist: TV On The Radio

Album: Seeds (2014)

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TV on the Radio is an American rock band from Brooklyn, New York, formed in 2001. The band consists of Tunde Adebimpe, David Andrew Sitek, Kyp Malone, and Jaleel Bunton, and Gerard Smith until 2011. They are a musical compound of glitchy electronic noise, soulful vocals, and lo-fi indie rock.


Seeds is their 5th studio album. “Happy Idiot” is a song superficially about getting over a relationship that can easily double as an strategy for negotiating an existence over which one’s lost all control. Like much of the Seeds album, “Idiot” embraces rhythms derived from the electronic end of the dance music spectrum, and does so as easily as they incorporated John Zorn skronk and Prince synth funk. 

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