Ty Segall – My Lady’s On Fire

Ty Segall - My Lady's On Fire

Song: My Lady’s On Fire

Artist: Ty Segall

Album: Freedom’s Goblin (2018)

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*Guest post from Daniella*

Born and raised in California’s famous Laguna Beach, Ty Garrett Segall, is known to be a leader of the psych-influenced garage rock scene. Today’s song is featured in his 2018 album Freedoms Goblin. Segall described the album being “anti-themed” and “free” explaining the given name Freedom’s Goblin. “I have made a lot of records that have had specific restrictions and confinements in the concept, but for this record the idea was that no idea is inappropriate, no space where we’re going to record or create is wrong. The more far out, and the more free we get, the better things are.” Here’s a video of him performing this song live.

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