Yebba – My Mind


Song: My Mind

Artist: Yebba

Single: My Mind (2021)

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You may recognize Yebba or “My Mind” from a performance on Sofar Sounds that went viral a few years ago. 


Yebba, whose real name is Abigail Smith, is an American singer-songwriter from West Memphis, Arkansas. She rose to prominence in the music industry thanks to her exceptional vocal talent and emotional depth in her songwriting. Her music seamlessly blends soul, R&B, and pop, showcasing her versatility as an artist. 


Growing up, Yebba’s passion for music was evident, and she honed her skills in local church choirs. She first became known for her backing vocal performance on Chance the Rapper’s SNL performance of the song “Same Drugs” in 2016 and releasing her debut single “Evergreen” in 2017. Her breakthrough came in 2018 when she collaborated with Sam Smith on the single “No Peace,” earning her a Grammy Award for Best New Artist.


“My Mind” is a deeply emotional and introspective song in which Yebba reflects on a complex relationship and the struggles she faced within it. The lyrics suggest a sense of confusion and inner turmoil as she grapples with her feelings and the dynamics of the relationship.

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