_Corvallis – Slate Wall


Song: Slate Wall

Artist: _Corvallis

Album: Unknown Territory (2023)

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Today we’re recommending a song from one of our listeners who makes music! Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Corvallis has traveled to take their love of Post Rock and Shoegaze to Florida. Corvallis has a big sound meant for wide open spaces. Talking about Slake Wall and the album Unknown Territory, Corvallis said: 

“The whole album is inspired by the outdoors and various scenes exploring the wilderness. I loosely based the structure of the album off the story “into the wild” with different themes throughout the main character’s (Alexander Supertramp) development in the film.

Slate Wall, I pictured walking up to a mountain, much like the ones I grew up with in the sawtooths in Idaho. I had recently re-watched the movie free solo, and specifically the scene of Alex Honnold walking to El Capitan in the early hours of the morning, I wanted to capture the emotions of hiking towards a rock face, and the emotions of looking up at the intense climb that was needed to make it all the way up. The straight forward sounds are representing the hike, and the heavier half time chorus are the rock face climb. That’s at least what I was trying to capture emotionally through the music.”

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