Alice Boman – Don’t Forget About Me


Song: Don’t Forget About Me 

Artist: Alice Boman 

Album: Dream On (2020)

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A friend recommended Alice Boman to me over the weekend. I was completely struck by her ethereal sound and melancholy lyrics. Her beautiful voice can relax you almost to a point of slumber. 

Boman recorded her first EP, Skisser (which means “sketches” in Swedish) in her bedroom, never intending it to be publicly released. She treated the recordings like demos, and sent them to a studio with the intention of getting the songs professionally recorded. However, she said that “the guy at the studio liked them so much that he sent them to Adrian Recordings, and they wanted to release them.”

Dream On, her debut album, has been called a masterclass in heartache.
Her music has been featured in a wide range of television shows and films, such as 13 Reasons Why, Suits, Paper Towns, Transparent, Trinkets Wanderlust, The Resident, Dickinson, Valeria, and Astrid et Raphaëlle.

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