Vox Rae – Julia


Song: Julia 

Artist: Vox Rea

Single: 2022

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Vox Rea is a Canadian musical duo consisting of two sisters, Kate Kurdyak (lead vocals/piano/guitar/violin) and Lauren Kurdyak (vocals/piano/percussion). You may have known them as “The Katherines”, who released their debut album named To Bring You My Heart in 2017. After a hiatus to study philosophy, they rebranded as Vox Rea in 2020 and started releasing more music. 

Originating in Vancouver, you can hear the West Coast vibes in their ethereal and emotionally-charged music that explores themes of love, loss, and self-discovery. Their special brand of noir pop blends string arrangements and harmonies into their dreamy collection of songs.

Vox Rae said “Julia is a headbanger for hopeless romantics. We wrote this song about a relationship with something that you know is bad for you, but you keep coming back for more.

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