Betty Who – I Love You Always Forever


Song: I Love You Always Forever 

Artist: Betty Who 

Album: The Valley (2017)

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This song, I Love You Always Forever, was originally by Welsh singer Donna Lewis. This version by Betty Who breathes fresh life into a classic upbeat love song. 

Jessica Anne Newham, known by her stage name Betty Who, is an Australian-American musician, singer and songwriter from Sydney. After independently releasing her debut single, “Somebody Loves You”, and her debut EP, The Movement, she signed with RCA Records. Music consultant Andy Gershon labeled her “an accidental pop star” due to her perceived authenticity and the way in which she initially established a strong following and fanbase with little involvement from a record company.

In addition to being a singer, she played cello, piano and guitar since childhood. Her music is heavily influence by 80s synth-pop and she’s known for joyous and big-hearted music.

Betty Who is an LGBTQ icon who has been performing in Pride culture for more than 10 years. She said that for her, this song is about “loving someone unconditionally no matter what, and exploring the idea that love is unconditional no matter who you’re loving, whether it’s your dog or your mother or your best friend or boyfriend or girlfriend or husband.”

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