Giacomo Turra – Get Into the Groove

Giacomo Turra - Get Into the Groove

Song: Get Into The Groove

Artist: Giacomo Turro

Single: Get Into The Groove  (2022)

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Last weekend I saw Giacomo Turra perform here in Tel Aviv with his band. It was an amazing concert where they played some wonderfully groovy covers and a few of their own original compositions. 

I stayed after to chat with a few of the band members and can confirm they are some of the nicest musicians out there. 

Giacomo Turra is an extremely talented Italian guitarist and singer/songwriter from Milan. He rose to fame through his popular videos on instagram, where he effortlessly jams while giving a charming look down the camera. 

He explained that “Get Into The Groove started from a guitar riff I posted which used techniques borrowed from other instruments, like bass guitar. And percussive elements, like slapping and popping. And I was trying to maintain a whole arrangement using only the guitar. And that video did really well – it’s still my most-viewed video. Everyone was commenting and asking what it was because they thought it was so cool.”

He has an album coming out this summer so stay turned and be sure to check out his amazing videos on instagram. 

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