boygenius – Satanist


Song: Satanist

Artist: boygenius

Album: the record (2023)

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Boygenius is an American indie rock supergroup formed in 2018 by Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus. Their self-titled debut EP was written and recorded at Sound City Studios in Los Angeles. On January 18, 2023, the band announced their debut studio album, The Record, which was released on March 31.

Bridgers has called the formation of the group “kind of an accident,” wherein each of the members were simply fans of each other’s work and then became friends. Both Dacus and Bridgers had opened for Baker on separate tours in 2016, and they all ran in similar circles as young up-and-coming performers navigating the indie scene. 

The whole album is an indie music dream, and Satanist is a rockier jam about asking your romantic partner to join you in different extreme lifestyles, such as becoming a satanist, anarchist or nihilist. In the end, the protagonist acknowledges the difficulty of stepping away from society and the fear of being dragged under by radical choices.

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