Nicole Raviv – What You Started


Song: What You Started 

Artist: Nicole Raviv

Single: 2021

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Last week, Ben and Julia had the pleasure of sitting down to interview Nicole Raviv, an international trilingual singer, songwriter and actress, who has performed globally in English, French, Hebrew, and Arabic. 

Nicole has worked with Grammy-award winning musicians and producers from around the world. Her current success has been attributed to her viral rendition of the National Anthem during 2021 Stanley Cup Playoffs for the New York Islanders hockey team.

What You Started is a super fun summer soul/jazz/R&B song featuring saxophone player Richie Cannata, known for playing the sax in Billy Joel’s New York State of Mind. 

In this week’s episode we had a great time discussing Nicole’s origins, career, and all the exciting things she has on the horizon. You can catch our whole interview with her on Spotify

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