Chlorine Free – The Bomb

chlorine free

Song: The Bomb

Artist: Chlorine Free

Album: Le Fish (2014)

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Last night I was at a concert and shazamed this song while waiting for the main act to come on. Everyone was bobbing their heads and vibing to the song so I wanted to share it with all of you! 


Chlorine Free, the French collective from Paris, mixes jazz, electronic, and funk music. The collective is made up off seven members: two keyboardists, drum-bass, trombone, flute and a live DJ. They have a funky cool sound and have already released 5 albums, the most recent in 2021. Le Fish is their third studio album, released in 2014. The Bomb features vocals from Voice Monet and Raashan Ahmad. 


Highly recommend giving them a listen for something new and different! 

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