ROLE MODEL – a little more time

role model - a little more time

Song: a little more time 


Single: (2023)

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A few days ago ROLE MODEL released this new single, and today I listened to it on repeat during a boring work day. 


Tucker Pillsbury, known professionally as ROLE MODEL, is an American singer-songwriter and former rapper from Maine. After self-releasing his debut extended play Arizona in the Summer in 2017, he earned a following online and was signed to Interscope Records in 2018. His lyrics, which discuss topics such as sex, mental health, and relationships, have been called both relatable and confessional. Throughout his career, Pillsbury has been very open about mental health issues and his own depression.


“a little more time” is about feeling stagnant in life and realizing that your romantic partner is the motivating factor to escape the funk. The guitar-driven love song comes with a very special, home video-style music video co-directed, filmed, and edited by Emma Chamberlain. 

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