Flume – Never Be Like You

Flume - Never Be Like You Album Cover

Song: Never Be Like You

Artist: Flume

Album: Skin (2016)

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Flume, also known as Harley Edward Streten, is a Grammy award-winning Australian DJ and music producer. He is regarded as a pioneer of future bass who helped popularize the genre. He began composing music at the age of 11, with DJ software that he got in a box of Kelloggs Nutrigrain. His music often has an experimental yet lush, layered electronic sound.


Never Be Like You is a song from his second studio album Skin, co-written and featured by Canadian artist kai. It was Flume’s first song to top the charts. Billboard said “The song features Canadian chanteuse kai, smoothly balancing chilled out trap effects with spacey ambient noise and future bass elements, going hard and soft at once – a duality expressed in the lyrics as well, with kai begging forgiveness while asserting right to just be herself”.


This duality is a good thing to reflect on in January, a time when many people struggle to face goals and resolutions they set for themselves. Just a reminder to take it easy, get some rest, and eat that donut.

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