Greta Van Fleet – Black Smoke Rising


Song: Black Smoke Rising

Artist: Greta Van Fleet

Album: From The Fires (2017)

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Today I looked up a “happy rock” playlist since that was the mood I was in. This popular song from Greta Van Fleet was the very first song that came on. 

Greta Van Fleet is a rock band hailing from Frankenmuth, Michigan. Formed in 2012, the band consists of the three Kiszka brothers, Josh (vocals), Jake (guitar), and Sam (bass), along with drummer Danny Wagner. The band name was created when Hauck heard a relative mention Gretna Van Fleet, a resident of Frankenmuth; their use of the variation on her name was done with her (subsequent) blessing.

Drawing inspiration from classic rock legends like Led Zeppelin, they quickly gained attention for their distinctive vintage rock sound and Josh Kiszka’s soaring vocals, often compared to Robert Plant. Their breakthrough came with the 2017 release of the “Black Smoke Rising” EP, which showcased their ability to channel the spirit of ’70s rock while infusing it with their own youthful energy. Greta Van Fleet’s meteoric rise has solidified them as a prominent force in modern rock music. 

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