Husbands – Must Be A Cop


Song: Must Be a Cop
Artist: Husbands
Album: Full-On Monet (2022)

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One of Julia’s favorite bands of the moment is Husbands, an indie-pop duo from Oklahoma City. Their landlocked beach pop tunes incorporate surfy guitar and dreamy garage rock to create the unique sound they’ve got today. Danny Davis and Wil Norton, both providing vocals and guitar in the group, first got to know each other while directing a Godzilla musical in college.

Must Be a Cop is a song they released first as a single, and is representative of their upbeat, light music that delves into day-to-day situations people face in normal life. It later came out as part of the 2022 album, Full-On Monet, which has Julia’s favorite song – Garth. Although, the whole album is fantastic. 

You can learn more about the band and their origins in last week’s episode of the Song Per Day podcast here.

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