Lana Lubany – The Snake



Artist: Lana Lubany

Single: 2022

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Last week, Nicole Raviv recommended this song to us during her interview on our podcast. We immediately became obsessed and had to get the whole story.

Back in March 2022, the song went viral on tikok after the UK-based, Palestinian-American artist was seen playing “THE SNAKE” for her mom. It was the first track Lubany had ever sung in both Arabic and English. As the brooding alt-pop track played out in the clip, her delighted mom declared: “Finally! You see? It’s on a whole other level.”

“THE SNAKE” has since racked up nearly seven million Spotify streams, while hundreds of TikTok videos have been soundtracked by the tune. Although still an independent artist, Lubany is now being managed by Beatnik Creative. 


You can listen to our whole interview with Nicole to learn more, here.  

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