Loyle Carner – Speed of Plight


Song: Speed of Plight

Artist: Loyle Carner

Album: Hugo (2022)

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Is the world moving fast for you as well? This is the opening line of Loyle Carner’s song, Speed of Plight, from his 2022 album Hugo.

Loyle Carner (real name Ben Coyle-Larner) is a British hip hop musician from South London. Hugo’s songs are a brief insight into the rawness of Loyle’s latest project. Throughout the tracklist of the album he becomes increasingly more open. The mellow ‘Speed of Plight’ is carried by Loyle’s powerful tone and harsh lyrics about what he believes his role to be in the music industry. 

Speed of Plight was recommended to us on Episose #31 of our podcast – SPD On A Farm. Listen to the episode on Spotify to learn more! 


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