Sid Sriram – Quiet Storm


Song: Quiet Place 

Artist: Sid Sriram 

Album:  Sidharth (2023)

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Sid Sriram is a highly acclaimed singer-songwriter and composer known for his captivating and soulful musical style. Born in Chennai, India, and raised in the United States, Sriram has made a significant impact on the music industry with his unique blend of R&B, soul, and Indian classical influences. His mesmerizing vocals and emotive delivery have garnered him a devoted global fanbase.

He just released an album yesterday, and this song immediately stood out to me. It’s beautiful and has a unique sound that is also somehow familiar. He initially gained widespread recognition for his work on film soundtracks, including lending his voice to several hit songs in the Indian film industry. Beyond his film endeavors, he has also released independent music that showcases his versatility and artistry. 

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