Troye Sivan – The Good Side


Song: The Good Side 

Artist: Troye Sivan

Album: Bloom (2018)

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Let’s talk about pop sensation Troye Sivan. He’s an Australian singer-songwriter and actor who rose to fame on YouTube and has since become a sensation in the music industry. You might remember him from his acting days, but his music is what has captured most people’s hearts. He was born in South Africa and raised in an Orthodox Jewish family, though he does not consider himself to be religious.

“The Good Side” is part of his album called “Bloom.” It was released a while back, but in my opinion remains timeless. The whole album is full of catchy tunes and honest lyrics, but this one in particular stands out to me for its raw emotion.

The song is about love and heartbreak, taking a mature and reflective approach. Troye sings about finding closure and understanding that sometimes a relationship just isn’t meant to be. It’s all about moving on and seeing the positive side of things. It’s a reminder that even in tough times, there’s always a silver lining waiting for us.

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