blossm – Faded


Song: Faded

Artist: blossm

Single: 2023

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blossm is a new yet dynamic music project that originally brought together the talents of David Desjardins, Pascal Beauregard and Kevin Brunelle. Formed in the summer of 2021 in the
middle of the Covid pandemic, the trio consists of experienced musicians with a shared love for creating music and a commitment to their art. blossm may appeal to fans of Half Moon Run, Radiohead, Gorillaz, Portugal. The Man or even Tame Impala.

Driven by their shared passion for music, blossm has expanded to include five official members: Pascal Beauregard on drums, Kevin Brunelle on bass, David Desjardins on guitar, Danny McCrae on synths, and Mathew Cataldo as the band’s vocalist. Danny’s addition as a synth player perfectly complements the original trio’s chemistry, while Matt,
a talented singer, was discovered by chance and has been collaborating with the band from a distance since October 2022 while living in Tokyo.

Julia spoke to Kevin, the bassist from blossm, who described Faded as “an alternative rock track that packs a punch. With killer bass grooves, an infectious drum beat, ear worm guitar riffs and powerful lyrics exploring substance abuse and depression, it’s a must-discover for any music lover.” Their debut EP will be out on August 9th, so stay tuned for “Colours”! 

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